Outdoor use thermo+Pressure?

Hi there!
I’ve been trying to use the usual DHT22 sensor for an outdoor (directly exposed to rain) device to control temp & humidty. The temp parameter looks still accurate, but the humidity got stuck to >90% after a while and never came back down. I protected it with a piece of 90º PVC pipe so it was protected from direct rainfall but I guess the pipe has got some condensation (it was facing down at an angle) so that’s what¡s happening now.

I understand this sensor is not really suitable for outdoor. Does anyone know of any other sensor (at a decent price, <$50) that can be place outdoors safely?

I know the isolated DS18B20 probes are good for this but they don’t provide humidity


I've used these sensors outdoors but sheltered from rain - like you will have to do for all sensors.

I know there are ways to recover from the wrong humidity readings, have seen this before, but you'll have to search a bit for it. This sensor placed inside a pipe so it's protected from the direct rain should work quite well.

I don't know...this is the second DHT22 I use in this device (I mean it's not just one that failed one time)
First one was placed grid facing down glued to the side of the box. The rain would hit the back of it (solid side) and it would sense the humidity&temp on the lower side. Started going up & up till it got stuck at 9x%

Then I brought the box home. Left the first DHT in place and used a second DHT again glued to the side, with a 90º 35mm PVC joint around it, facing down, so even the side rain blown by strong winds would not get in, but there was still a large 35mm opening to "sense" the air

Same behaviour with this one, got stuck to 9x% in 2 or 3 days, I'm a bit lost on this but what I know for sure is that this is not an outdoor sensor.

You can actually see the readings (among others) in this link


I know the rain woudln't get there but I was wondering if, as the pipe is facing down, it's getting all the evaporation from the ground and water droplets get condensed inside the pipe, there's no actual ventilation inside