OV7670 + AL422B (FIFO) Camera (V2.0)


I'm working on my gradution project. The topic is making a home security system for intrusion detection. I want to connect a camera to my arduino uno board. So, i bought the Ov7670 (fifo) camera (V2.0) which is the same in this link : http://www.hotmcu.com/ov7670-al422bfifo-camera-modulev20-p-19.html

But, i don't find any file which help me to connect this type of camera to my arduino uno .

Please, is there any one to help me !!! it still just one week for me :(


Have you seen this:-

Grumpy_Mike Thanks for responding.

Of course i have seen it but i can't find any information about the connection with arduino uno and the source code to download in the arduino IDE !!! :(

How about this then:- http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=125767.0 People claiming they have done it and providing links.

Thanks a lot :)

It 's helpful !! I will try this connection and some codes .


I follow the connection, made by Mr.arduino, between ov7670 and arduino uno. But the exemple which he psted contains files main.c , ov7670.c and ov7670.h !!! i don't know how to appload these files into the Arduino IDE because i used to appload just files with the extension .ino !!!!

Here is the example and the connection : https://github.com/ComputerNerd/ov7670-no-ram-arduino-uno

I don't find library to include that has this example to try !! :(

Thank for your help.

But the exemple which he psted contains files main.c , ov7670.c and ov7670.h !

You open up the folder that contains the Arduino sketch and you copy these files into it. Then restart the Arduino IDE and these files appear as tabs in the code window.