OV7670 Camera Module

Okay, so I bought an OV7670 module (picture below in attachments), and it has 18 pins total. I have no idea how to use it, and everywhere I look there is no help with it, just datasheets and that stuff. I looked through it and it didn’t help. I have an SD card reader for the Arduino, so if someone could tell me what I need to make this work, maybe with some example codes and libraries that I will need.

Thanks in advance!

That's a very poor picture, I can't even read the pin signals, etc. Why don't you just upload it, why do we have to look somewhere else?? Why did'nt you do some research before you ordered it!! 18 pins and you don't know what to do with them??



I and many others have this exact same camera module, honestly it isn't as hard as it looks to get working. I have read data from it, although I admit I haven't managed to do anything with it yet (don't be put off, it is possible).

Here is what I know, a lot of it you can find online anyway:
XCLK - Give this pin a clock signal (e.g. output from a crystal oscillator)
PCLK - When this is high, you read the d0-d7 pins
HREF - When this is rising, there is a new line
VSYNC - When this becomes high, there is a new frame
D0 to D7 - These pins each represent the bits in a byte, you read them when pclk is high to get a value for the color of a pixel. (Note: depending on the color format one byte can mean different things so be sure to know what you're doing)
SIOC - i2C/SCCB clock input
SIOD - i2c/SCCB data

This has been a fountain of information for me (although, it involved a different mcu), hope this helps: