Overclocked, liquid cooled Arduino Duemilanove

Hello, this is my little silly project to try to squeeze as much out of my Arduino as possible. It's running at 2.05x at 32 MHz instead of the base 16 MHz, and it's cooled down to about 20 degrees :slight_smile:

Here are a couple videos showing the blink sketch running twice as fast ... Liquid Cooled Overclocked Arduino Part 1 - YouTube.

There are some more pictures over at inthebitz | Flickr


Hmm, are you going to change the timing to get the delays correct etc and make it useable properly at 32Mhz or is it just a bit of fun and that's the end?

I also wouldn't have though that coolant will stay non-conductive for long being exposed to the air for extended periods of time.


is the cooling needed?

what is possible without extra cooling, or just a heat sink attached to it?

how much power does ist take compared to running at 16mhz?

That is interesting experiment. I would think there are two basic limitations to ultimate speed, heat dissipation and basic gate propagation delay. The first is being addressed here, but I wonder what the intrinsic propagation delay limit would be?


@mowcius - actually, i'm trying to code in the delays for low speed serial, so i can still talk to it, but it'll probably be easier to just put a turbo switch on the side :slight_smile: the problem with serial is that the timeshift screws up on the 'scope around the 7th bit...

@designer2k2 - of course the cooling's needed! :wink: the power expires the lithium backpack quickly, i'll try to time it to see how much faster.

@retrolefty - i tried a >40 MHz chip, and it wouldn't work... i'm going to try to cool it even further to get the speed pumped up even higher.


can you measure the current?

Would be nice to see what kind of power dissipation is going on there :slight_smile: