Paris Street Furniture Walk, Don't Walk Sign. Oh and so New to Arduino I only heard about it recently

I didn't know where to post this and this channel seemed to be the closest. I have absolutely no knowledge about Arduino, but I am interested to learn more.

So, I have refurbed a Walk, Don't Walk sign from Paris. At this stage, it switches on and off with both the Red and the Green men lighting up together. At the moment it is running off domestic supply on a 13amp 3 pin plug (UK) plug with a normal lamp switch, I thought it best to keep it simple.

It has LED's which are already fitted, they look fairly large so I would imagine that they are industrial grade ones. Also whilst testing it in the early stages I had it plugged in through an outdoor RCD as I didn't want to blow the house up. I am pleased to report the house and the street is still in one piece.

What I would like to do is fit a module/ unit/whatever that will enable it to cycle between the Red and Green Men to light up individually for random periods as if it was fitted to the street furniture originally.

I will try to post photos to show the sign and its interior and the current wiring set-up.

Lights On

I went onto the (Electricians Forum) and the members there that I corresponded with were very helpful in suggesting the Arduino. So here I am, asking questions, keen to learn new things. I am generally not afraid to get down and dirty.

All replies are welcome.

Below are further photos of the Walk Don't Walk Light
Lights off
Interior 1

Below are further photos of the Walk Don't Walk Light
Interior 2
Interior 3

If you've got photos, post them.
Don't make us sign-up to a hosting site.

Close up photo of the inside label would help, but blowing up one of your photos it appears that each LED sign is 230V 50Hz 40mA. Easy to control with a solid-state relay.

Hi there @TheMemberFormerlyKnownAsAWOL. Sorry for the links but being a new member I think I am restricted in my post formatting but I'll try. It appears I'm only allowed one at a time so goes

That's funny - the Paris "don't walk" sign I remember was a figure standing impatiently with hands on hips, and the "walk" sign was someone who looked like they were sprinting out of starting blocks.
Parisian drivers don't take prisoners.

Are these any good?

Hi @david_2018. It would be nice to get them to randomly cycle through the two phases.

Ultimately an idea thrown across my bow was to have it show Red Man when I get someone who we don't want to see at our front door, but initially, random cycling would be nice and I have been watching video's saying that anything is possible. So here's hoping.

Okay I have done a bit more research after the forum bot wouldn't allow me to post further queries and found this which sounds about what I am initially hoping for.

Now I apologise to @TheMemberFormerlyKnownAsAWOL but again the restrictions by the forum bot won't allow me to post a PDF of the Project. It is from the Instructables website. Instructables Arduino Traffic Light Controller

The thing is that the post appears to be fairly old and the links to the parts list are 404.

I have researched the list as best I can, but not being of the experience nor intelligence to know what the parts are I have stumbled at this juncture.

You see as I believe previously mentioned the Walk Don't Walk is currently powered by a UK domestic lamp lead and works perfectly when plugged into a wall socket.

Now the mention of a 9 volt means that there in my head 231 more volts than the Arduino appears to be able to handle and the 9-volt power adapter requires/comes with its own plug. So does this mean that the project will need two power supplies?

Also, the Instructables project post appears to be fairly old, five (5) Years I think and the links to the parts list are 404.

The parts are
1. Inland Arduino UNO R3

2. Sainsmart 4 Channel Relay

3. 9V Arduino Powersupply

I have found on Amazon these which I believe may be from the photos on the Plans

1. ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Super Starter Kit Compatible with Arduino IDE with Tutorial, 5V Relay, UNO R3 Board, Power Supply Module, Servo Motor, Prototype Expansion Bo
2. (Because it comes with some other interesting parts for other projects for a beginner)

3. Yizhet 5V 4 Channel-Relay DC 5V 230V Relay Shield Module Control Board with Optocoupler for Raspberry Pi Arduino PIC AVR MCU DSP ARM TTL Logic (4 Channel)

4. MEROM 9V 2A Power Adapter Supply with 8 Tips and Polarity Reversal Cable Compatible with Arduino Uno REV 3

As I have previously stated any help would be really helpful.


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Hi there,
I am looking for help as a newbie to the Arduino and I started a thread on the Arduino forum but have not had any further comments, so I have come here to ask if anyone can help me please.

This is the link to the original thread Paris Street Walk Don't Walk which I think lost its momentum due to newbie restrictions by the DevBot on my entries so those original helpers stopped following the thread.

Any help would be gratefully recieved.

Trickyhicky UK

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My thread is not Spam but I'm beginning to get a little disheartened with this forum as all I seem to get is told off or ignored for asking for advice, getting very little feedback apart from the first day's posts. I may just give up and leave believing that people here aren't interested in helping new interested parties to advance when their interest is peaked by something new they wish to learn.