PC as RC controller XBee vs. UART module from ebay

i want to try some robotic project with adruino so i need wireles solution for comunication. Since i have no RC transmitter for RC cars etc. i decided to use PC/laptop as controller, first thing i found was XBee, but after a while on ebay i found much cheaper solution:

link on ebay

My question is simple, would i be able to send some specific command probably hexa code or string, for simplicity let’s say “turn left” from PC, transmit it throught this to adruino where will be proly some switch statement with functions for servos etc. ? Ofcourse controlling from serial monitor is only for lifting up. And if XBee and this is basicaly doing the same thing, why is XBee almost 4 times as expensive? Maybe it’s completely bad idea, but i thought computer would give me no limited controlling interface.

I’ll be happy for any opinion or help.

The nRF24L01+ is very suitable - I use them for controlling model trains. But I am using them between two Arduinos and I have no experience of programming a PC to operate directly with an nRF24.

What range do you need?

The basic nRF24 module sells for about £2 so a cheaper option might be a pair of nRF24s and an Arduino Nano to connect one of them to your PC. The Nano could take messages from the PC and send them wirelessly to your Uno using the nRF24.

This Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

Whatever wireless system you choose you will save yourself a lot of trouble if you minimize your messages - for example just send 'L' for "turn left".


Thank you, your solution throught another adruino would be the best for me. Controlling range could be very small, i want to lift up since i've never done something similiar.

If the range is very short (under 10 metres) Bluetooth may be is another option. Most PC’s have Bluetooth.

And the programming is simple. Bluetooth is really just serial-by-wireless and the examples in Serial Input Basics should be suitable.

The nRF24s will have a longer range. I have had the standard ones (with PCB antenna) working at 100 metres outdoors.