PCB mounting imensions

I am surprised that in all the documentation I’ve reviewed, I can’t find spec’s on the mounting dimenstions of the Diecimila Arduino PCB. Is there a link to a document that contains these?


Looking the eagle files you can see 68.6 mm. x 53.3 mm.
or 2700mils x 2100mils.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Those dimensions are for the PCB’s perimeter. I’m looking for the mounting hole locations. Because of the diagonal placement of the holes, it’s not easy to determine X-Y dimensions. I downloaded:
from the Diecimila hardware page, but it only contains the schematic file. Can you send a link for the Eagle .brd file?



I downloaded it right now, and unzipping I can see the .brd files.


Is it possible that you make a mistake, clicking the “schematic only” link, below the “eagle files” link?

Strange, the other files were there before, but not the .brd. It’s there now, after the unzipping from your link. ??? Can’t say “I” didn’t do something wrong.

So, for future reference the mounting holes are located on opposite corners of a 2.000 inch x 1.700 inch rectangle. May be good for a FAQ…or am I the only one that has ever asked? :wink:



Houdini :wink:

I think people don’t use project dimensions, because they take the real board and measure. The drawings is useful only if you don’t have a board.

Among other things, I’m a machinist. It’s an old habit to mount things to “design spec.”. I was only off 0.025" on one dimension when I measured, and was not comfortable with the odd 1.675" (42.525mm?) x 2.000" (50.8mm?) hole spacing.

Thanks again.


By the way this is for the modification of a toy Jeep into an independently controlled robot for Computer Science Robot Lab. Just starting: