Pest Sprinkler add schedule and remote

Not sure if this is the right place for this, of it should be device hacking, but he is my goal.

I have some very aggressive pest, and I al 100% not going to use anything lethal. So I want to use a device like the pest sprinkler to shot them with water. The issue I have is that it is in my driveway and I don't want my wife to get sprayed every time she comes home. I am thinking that it should be a simple act of adding a schedule and a mech to remotely turn off.

I am thinking as these devices are low voltage (4 AA batteries), I should be able to cut into the wiring and add my own device to add the functionality I want.

Please feel free to suggest where i should start.

It would be very simple to use a schedule. Detecting human is hard. I spent a few weeks working with Machine Learning and TensorFlow to get my IR camera to detect human sized animal or mid sized animal or small animal.

Just tossing out ideas. You could scan the area at height to see if a thing above this height enters the area don't spray. A LIDAR would do the trick here. You can even use the LIDAR to image the human.

You could have a breakbeam at one end of the driveway, at height, and another at the other end. When a breakbeam is broken at either end the spray is disabled until the other breakbeam is triggered.

I was thinking much simpler, a remote or phone app to disable for X seconds/minutes.

You may implement an IR-RC to start a time out as time delay to start the spraying by arival.

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