Phi-connect arduino cable/wire management project switching system

What is phi-connect:
Phi-connect is a wire/cable management system for Arduino. You can take advantage of shields and breadboarding. Any shield can stack above the phi-connect. It passes all Arduino connections to a breadboard with one cable. You can connect your Arduino to a project with just one step. Forget about reconnecting dozens of jumper wires! You can switch from one project to another project in 3 seconds. How can you do that if you used jumper wires. You will also be able to mount phi-connect inside your project box. When you need your Arduino back, unplug it. You leave $4 worth of board inside your project box and reuse the rest on a new project. Anytime you miss you old project, plugging Arduino back in takes 3 second. Once the Arduino is plugged back in, your project springs into life!

Easily connects to projects on breadboard. Easy to switch to another project.

Easily stack below any arduino shield.

The special features of phi-connect:

  • Stackable beneath any arduino shield.
  • Passes all Arduino pins to the breakout board to be plugged into breadboards or soldered inside a project box.
  • Two places with 5V/GND pins directly plugs into power buses to power the breadboard and improves mechanical strength.
  • Mechanical key on the cable prevents mistakes when inserting the cable.

Where to get:

Switching between two projects video:

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Now this is stackable underneath any shield: