Photoelectric Sensor - Arduino

Hello.I am working in a proyect to count objects and i have this elements:
-Arduino Uno
-Photoelectric Sensor with the connection in attach image.
My question is about the possibility of the connection to Arduino and how could be done.

Thank you very much

this is the datasheet - Page Not Found | Pepperl+Fuchs -

it shows which colours of wires are connected to what.
If I read it correctly it needs 12/24 V so it needs a separate power supply.

Hello.About the power supply it is true but i don't know how to connect signal cable to Arduino to count pulses from sensor.

According the the data sheet linked by robtillart, the output of the sensor is a relay, which for your purposes is just a switch.

Connect the "C" output to Arduino ground and the "NO" output to an Arduino pin, with the pin set as INPUT with pullup resistor ON (INPUT_PULLUP). Then, a LOW in the input will tell you that the relay contacts have closed.

I'll follow your solution and I'll keep you informed.Thank you very much.

Don't forget that because it is a relay output, you have to "de-bounce" the signal from the contacts.


If it’s OK to latch on to this thread, I’m trying to do something similar for an outdoor camera trap project. The comments on this thread were helpful in my research, and I’ve drawn up my understanding of such a setup (attached) but I’d like to make sure I’ve got it right. My other questions are: will my computer be safe (never used relays before), or do I need to add an extra fuse? Is the Arduino Micro right for the job (or is an Uno with its own power supply safer)?

The sensors I’m looking into are either this device from automationdirect or maybe even this model.

Thanks for any help!