Picture of the Uno with component callouts?

Hello -

I am about to introduce an Arduino project into an elementary school. I will be passing around several Arduino Uno boards and I am sure the kids will ask about all of the components on the board. I was wondering if anyone knew if there exists a picture of an Uno with callouts before I start to create it from scratch.

I found one for the Diecimila ( http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/ArduinoDiecimilaComponents.jpg ) so I can start with that since they are quite similar. However, there are several smaller components unlabeled, particularly in the area between the microcontroller, the power jack and the USB jack. I found the schematic but mapping the schematic to the physical components on the board might be a bit beyond my level.

Ideally, in addition to the names of the components, there would be a phrase or two about why it is on the board. For example, how should one answer the 6th grader who asks 'What are those two tiny little silver cans between the power jack and the power pins? What do they do?'

If someone can help with the answers, I can assemble the cheat sheet and post it.


Hmm. I THINK I saw this... Looking... Anybody??

OK some possibilities: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58843278@N00/5027065281/ (Hover over areas and see the notations)

Rather than looking at the schematic LongArc, look at the board layout instead (.brd). You can match the components with a physical board in your hand and you can click on each one and it will give you a part number, or value (resistor/capacitor mainly), and in some cases, if you pull up the properties for that component, the library will give you more information on it. As a last resort, you can always Google the part number.

Thank you gentlemen. I will check these out.