PIN - PIN-OUT on a 2650MEGA


I have 3 ARD - 2650 MEGA's .

In one end of the circuit board is the USB-connector and the Power-connector.

At the other end is a 36 pin connector numbered from 22 to 52 incl 5V and Gnd.

In my project (an EPROM R/O (2716 - 27512)) I plan to use port A as DATA IN,
port B as LowADDR 0-7, port C as HighADDR 8-15 and port D as Control (/OE and /RD).

I could assign pin22 As LowAddr 0 , pin 23 as LowAddr 1 ..... pin 29 as LowAddr7
(same procedure for HighAddr and DATAIN), and use DigitalWrite(x,y).. and a lot of code...

Here I find it easier to use direct port Addressing.

But which pins are port A, which pins are port B, which pins are port C, etc....

Can anyone give me a link to a webpage/drawing where the ports are shown as pin numbers ?


Kristian aka snestrup2016

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Exactly what I was looking for !

(Pseudo- code - start)

For N := -1 to NEVER-ENDING DO
WriteLN(*THANKS A LOT * );

(Pseudo- code - END;)



Exactly what I was looking for !

A Google search on 'Pinout 2560mega' would have found it.

Google even finds it if you search for 2650mega instead.