Pin translation

// attiny84 tested working using Arduino Digital Pins below
#if defined( AVR_ATtiny84 )
const static uint8_t SS = 3;
const static uint8_t MOSI = 5;
const static uint8_t MISO = 4;
const static uint8_t SCK = 6;

From SPI.cpp
Which pins on tiny84 PDIP?


google image search for "(part) arduino pinout"


#if defined( AVR_ATtinyX4 )
const static uint8_t SS = PA3;
const static uint8_t MOSI = PA5;
const static uint8_t MISO = PA4;
const static uint8_t SCK = PA6;

From SPI85.cpp

Is this correct? Trying to get nRF24L01+ to work with T84


No, the original one was correct (unless you're using a core that has the pins numbered differently; if you do, I strongly recommend switching to one that isn't the odd-man-out with pin mapping). I thought you were asking what physical pins to connect to.

You know that you need to use a different SPI library for the tiny84/85 The t84 has a USI, not a normal SPI (the presence of real SPI is one of the motivations I had for making a core for the tiny841, see links in sig). So you need to use the appropriate library - there are SPI libraries for attiny's with a USI. I don't know what compatibility issues are involved though.

Or is that the library you're looking at? If so, that part is correct.