Pinout for Logitech wingman extreme

First post, i apologize if this isn't the right category

I have a logitech wingman extreme joystick that i plan to read the potentiometers & buttons to control a ROV thrusters & Accessoriees.

The plug for it is a game port (15 pin) but any of the GP pinouts i find Don't make sense because this joystick has 3 axis (x/y/rotate z), 7 buttons & a directional hat switch which i suspect is 4 internal buttons (up/down/left/right and corresponding combinations). The pinouts i find don't seem to line up to be enough buttons...

I don't currently have a female game port to hook up and figure out what pin is power/gnd/button/axis... so looking for any help i can get! Any and all info is appreciated :slight_smile:

Why don't you connect a multi-meter and measure the values and connections. Use the diagram you provided as a base line.

Did you try to disassemble it? The joystick was build before they glued everything together.

You're right, that should help narrow things down at the very least..

I'm hesitant to crack it open because i really like it and the majority of the time i open these things i dont get them back together exactly how they were. For example something stays lose lol.

Most of what you need to know is already documented e.g. the wikipedia page on game port.

As you've realized, that joystick has too many buttons to fit the port's basic config so presumably they're doing something tricky. Maybe one of the button pins (or more) sends a multiple bit signal rather than just on or off. Then the PC driver has to unpack it and present the data to whatever game you're playing.

If that's the case, I don't think opening it up will tell you much - there would be proprietary chips inside.

It's a little hard to see how to figure it out unless you have a scope.

Gameport had all kinds of tricks played on it.
I have an old Microsoft Sidewinder FFB.
They hijacked the button pins for a serial clock and data, and the FFB is controlled by midi.

There are lots of good resources online, if you go looking.