Pinouts nokia 3310 display .. pls help

Hi all,

I've salvaged the display from an old nokia 3310 (working), and was testing some libraries, but none of them worked. I have googled for 3310 lcd pinout and found quite a few, so pls can anybody enlighten me and give me the right one ?

my current setup is : other tested setup:(from pin nr.: connected to: pin nr.: conected to: 1 Vdd 1 Reset 2 Clk 2 GND 3 Sda 3 CS 4 data/command 4 CLK 5 CS 5 data/command 6 GND 6 SDA 7 Vout (NC) 7 Vlcd 8 Reset 8 Vdd Pic of my project:

As you can see i'm using low-levelshifters so that is not the problem...

I have been playing with the 5110 display, which apparently works exactly the same as the 3110 display. Has setup information and example codes to get it working. The codes and circuit setups work absolutely fine for me, but I needed to change the contrast. It was done in software, but I cannot remember which bit I changed :blush: .


I've already tried that (see above).. no luck. But its not a problem anymore because i switched to an CrystalFontz 634 - 20 x 4 , Serial Display wich only uses one pin trough NewSoftSerial lib. and its working great ..