Pinouts nokia 3310 display .. pls help

Hi all,

I've salvaged the display from an old nokia 3310 (working), and was testing some libraries,
but none of them worked. I have googled for 3310 lcd pinout and found quite a few,
so pls can anybody enlighten me and give me the right one ?

my current setup is : other tested setup:(from Arduino Playground - PCD8544)
pin nr.: connected to: pin nr.: conected to:
1 Vdd 1 Reset
2 Clk 2 GND
3 Sda 3 CS
4 data/command 4 CLK
5 CS 5 data/command
7 Vout (NC) 7 Vlcd
8 Reset 8 Vdd
Pic of my project:

As you can see i'm using low-levelshifters so that is not the problem...

I have been playing with the 5110 display, which apparently works exactly the same as the 3110 display. Arduino Playground - PCD8544 Has setup information and example codes to get it working.
The codes and circuit setups work absolutely fine for me, but I needed to change the contrast. It was done in software, but I cannot remember which bit I changed :blush: .


I've already tried that (see above)..
no luck.
But its not a problem anymore because i switched to an CrystalFontz 634 - 20 x 4 , Serial Display
wich only uses one pin trough NewSoftSerial lib.
and its working great ..