pins needed

Anybody got a line on machined pins like these, that will plug into an IC socket, for less money than these?

I need right angle for surface mount, 20 pins long, can be SMD pins on alternating sides. The smaller diameter tops are needed to plug into IC sockets.

How about this Round Male Pin Header

10PCS Single Row 40Pin 2.54mm Round Male Pin Header gold plated machined J8

These are dirt cheap but it is not certain if it is possible to insert them in an IC socket.

What are you doing. Building a daughter board that plugs into an existing IC socket ?

Square pins do not fit round holes! "Machined" means circular pins in this context, as used by some
IC sockets. Dupont-style square pins are larger and don't fit in any type of IC socket to my knowledge.

Wawa, I want to find 20 pins, or 40 pins.
Maybe 32 if the price is good. Have to wait until I get home to check the ebay link.

Yes, making a '1284P/uSD 'system board' that can plug in in place of a 1284P DIP part:
You can see the bottom pads on the board here:

Schematic was revised a little to correct uSD pinout and add pullups on the slave select signals. uSD socket is installed backwards in these, I misunderstood which end the uSD card was inserted into.
I have the first couple assembled (after scrapping a batch of PCBs for the backwards socket and missing slave select pullups), will post some pics tonight. Bootloaded and installed blink over the weekend.


I have a bunch of the Chinese round pins in strips of 40 that billhowl posted. They appear to bend ok to do the 90 on one end. Note that the ends are not symmetrical, one end is ,longer than the other. I use them rather than the dirt cheap square pins for breakout boards that plug into solderless breadboards - since they don't open up the wire clamps in the BB's.

Send my a PM if you'd like me to mail you a couple strips to test out. Been buying them on Aliexpress for about $0.30 per 40 pin strip.

Use these together:


I have the straight machined pins also, I'll try bending them. I don't want to do that for every board tho, that gets tedious. Especially if they break. I'd much prefer pre-formed.

That could work! Do you know of a source for 40-pin, 600-mil side SMD sockets? I've never looked for something like that.

These have stubs for legs vs flared out leads, I guess being SMD I could just reflow them when I put on the bottom IC & cap. Pricey tho.

I got that I.C. image from Digikey.


"I have the straight machined pins also, I'll try bending them. I don't want to do that for every board tho, that gets tedious. Especially if they break. I'd much prefer pre-formed."

You might have good results if you make a bending jig made out of a proto board or similar.


Something like this?


Yes, exactly.
Did you bend those up yourself?

Yes, About 2-3 minutes for a strip of 20.
I can send you the procedure I used.


See attached PDF file:


SMD machine strips.pdf (1.24 MB)

Dang, you made that look easy! Will have to give it a try, I have some of these still that I could try with

I wonder if the thicker legs are as short as they look.

@Wawa: Finally home to try your link.
"Postage: Doesn't post to United States"

Too expensive.
£2.44 for one.

On the the higher quality strips that I have, both pins are long and the same length.
The lower quality pins I used, look similar you those in your image. (not saying yours are low quality).

On your strips in your image, I would bend the longer, smaller diameter pin.


I've tried various combos trying to get round right angle parts to come up in US ebay, zero luck. Only 0.025" square pins come up. Guess we'll be bending pins.

The smaller diameter pins seem to be the ones to go in machine sockets, the larger ones I think damage the female receptacle, force the inner spring apart to much.