PIR sensor voltage

hello guys :slight_smile:

currently i have 6 PIR sensors.

is it possible to use 5V from arduino mega pin to power all the sensor? what are the voltage needed to power all the sensor i have?

Excellent you provided use with a type number or a link! Can I now ask you how much fuel I need to drive with 4 cars to Paris? ::slight_smile:

But if you mean one like:

They use 5V. And no matter how many you have, they still need 5V ::slight_smile: But maybe you want to know how much current/power they need. They don't need very much so connecting them to the Arduino 5V should be fine.


that means i can use 5V from arduino to power all 6 PIR sensor? how about the current and power?

:grin: i thought the 5V from arduino will be divided by 6 because i got 6 sensor..

PIR based on the BISS0001 don't draw that much power so it's fine on a Arduino.

You connect then parallel so 5V = 5V. Maybe read up on parallel and series circuits.

i connect all the PIR in parallel circuit. it works fine now. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

thanks sir. thank you

Maybe read up on parallel and series circuits.

This is a very useful site for basic electronics knowledge; OP may find this part of particular use.