Play mp3 file With Clock Timer

Dear friends,

I have problem use Modul DFMini Player, Arduino Uno and DS3231.

My Project Description :

I Want to play once mp3 file every day at 10.00.00 until 10.07.56 O'clock.

Hardware : Arduino Uno-Modul DS3231-Modul MP3 DFMini Player-Speaker 1/4W

Software : IDE Arduino 1.8.3

Related Library: RTClib - DFPlayer_Mini_Mp3.h

My Skecth Below:

void updateTime()
{ now =;                                                                            
  floatnow = (float)now.hour() + (float)now.minute() / 60 + (float)now.second() / 3600;       
  daynow   = Clock.getDoW(); }    

void mp3_play() 
      if((floatnow >= (10.00)) && (floatnow <( 10.13)))  //play mp3 file from 10.00.00 until 10.07.56 o'clock. (Time  playing is 7minute and 56 seconds.
        mp3_play(76) ;                                   //play file: 0076.mp3
        delay(476000);                                   //delay for 476000 ms or 07 minute and 56 seconds

Problem :
Mp3 File Can not run well, Blue led Indicator at "DFMini Player" On for a moment only. And After that Off.

Please help me , how to solve it.
Thans in advance.

Your code comment says the mp3_play() function is to play a file "0076.mp3" but the function argument is "76", have you tried: mp3_play(0076) ?

My understanding of delay() is that there should be no sound (or any progression in the code for that matter) during that time. So it looks like instead of playing an mp3 for almost 8 minutes, your code just pauses in silence for that time.

You are correct. As long I know that MP3 files saved in SD Card folder "mp3" with 4 digit number from 0000.mp3 to 9999.mp3. But when we access it from arduino sketch we use last digit without prefix digit. I have try this way and success play mp3 file with this code : mp3_play(76);

About delay, if I do not use delay(476000); The file can not play. I add delay 476000 ms mean (7minute x 60)+56 sec=420 sec+56 sec=476 sec or 476000 milliseconds.


Until my problem still not solved yet..