Playing music using bells

I'm just curious to see if anyone has tried doing this and if so where I might find it? I have a feeling that I'm not doing the correct search. Also, any thoughts on the project I'm looking to start in on. I'm not a super user by any means. I've played with the arduino mostly with programmable leds, but I'm gonna make every attempt to make this work. Ok, the project. I recently acquired a set of vintage christmas music bells, 12 if them, with a controller. It looks to me that they've programmed an IC to operate a pile of gates that operate some simple relays to essentially "ring the bell". I think these things are super cool but unfortunately the controller has been having issues and I'm thinking about attempting to use the arduino to play the bells. Adding more songs to the play roster will be another bonus of course. Before I started to dig into this, I just wanted to check with some of you who have a lot more experience with this to make sure that it is a possibility? My thought is to probably either use the same ic gates and just sending signal from the arduino or do you think the arduino would be capable of doing the work? I'm open to any thoughts or suggestions you might have. Ill post as I go. Here's hoping to it working the way I'm hoping. Thanks all.

Arduino can do that, energizing the relays might be as simple as adding some buffers or shift registers to sink current thru the relay coils. Shift registers can sink 150mA (TPIC6B595), or N-channel MOSFETs can do more - i have a board with 8 of them you could use 2 of them to buffer Arduino outputs with higher voltage and current if needed.

Do you have any info on the relays?

Could indeed be some kind of electromagnets that operate the bell.

Probably the best approach is to gut the thing and control those bells directly, without any of the original electronics. You will have to figure out the operating voltage and current of those things. Make sure the coils have a flyback diode or you may be frying your own electronics.

Indeed something like a pair of TPIC6B595 shift registers may work well.

Post some pictures of all this. It sounds interesting.

Here is something I found which may be relevant:

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