pls help with my blue LCD SM12864E00 and mega 2560


i have this blue LCD LCD SM12864E00 SM12864E00

and i have wring it as PDF datasheet say, and i'm sure that wiring is correct cause i read the same ports on another website

but the lcd won't show me anything !!! no any text appear on it even use different resistant for constant or make it 5V or 0V nothing i have tried everything.

i try alot of libs like

LCD12864 playground of arduino and so many, not work just the background blue light is work but no text or anything else

pls guys help me out the local suppliers said it's work but i shall search on internet !!!

arduino mega 2560 work100% i test another parts and it works

The website and PDF is very Chinese.

However it looks like it has a KS0108 controller.
And that pins 3-22 correspond to most common KS0108 modules pin 1-20

I suggest that you follow any KS0108 tutorial. And a KS0108 supporting GLCD library e.g. u8g2 from the Library Manager.


thanks bro i have try this also but want work:(

what shall i UNCOMMENT ? there are many types

pls guys help me with this my project to university