Port Forwarding an ESP8266 for Remote Control

I want to control a robot and view video feed from an attached camera from anywhere. The video camera is easy, I can just do port forwarding on an ESP32-CAM and access the feed using NGROK.

But how would I control the robot? Should the robot host a website?

Hi @anon77129126

In this project I used an ESP32_CAM.
He controls the truck, the robotic arm and even sends images captured by the camera.
I used a webserver and configured ESP-CAM to be an AP.
RV mineirin

How did you run the webserver? Also I need to use an Arduino Mega as well as the ESP32 CAM because the CAM doesn't have enough I/O.

Webserver is a good idea. Check out the examples for wifiNina, like AP_Webserver, it has a good method for getting input from the url and sending data back to the browser

Hi @anon77129126

Without considering camera pins, how many pins do you need?

RV mineirin

4 - Stepper motor (robotic arm base)
4 - Servos (robotic arm joints and a linear actuator)
8 - Motor driver (L298N 4WD system)

EDIT - I guess I could use one L298N to control all four motors considering that it doesn't need to be very fast and that I only need to move two motors independently from the other two motors, rather than four motors all doing different things.

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