Portable Arduino Uno and WS2812b power solution

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First of all, I’m completely new to the world of electronics and Arduino. However, I somehow persuaded myself to building this Daft Punk helmet from Thingiverse (Daft Punk Guy Manuel 3D Printable Wearable Helmet by bendiger - Thingiverse)
Sadly the instructions for the electronics part are very scarce.

So I have an Arduino Uno at home (already wanted to get into Arduino a while back) and I thought I could use that. I also got myself a WS2812b strip with 60/meter.
The helmet is using 2 strips with 32 leds each. So 64 in total.

My current plan is to use a batterypack with 4x AA Varta rechargeable accus 2600 mAh, 1,2V. So this would give me 4,8V which should be perfectly fine, right?
I would then hook up a 1000 uf 50V capacitor. From there I would provide power to the Arduino via the VIN pin, and two lines to each LED strip.
I would also use a 470 Ohm resistor for the data connection.

Would be happy to get feedback, if I got everything right :slight_smile: Also if this would work, how long would it probably last? Assuming the LEDs don’t run at full brightness with some rainbow effects.

Edit: I would also hook up a potentiometer. I attached a drawing. Just imagine the batteries being 1.2V

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OPs circuit;

The 4.8V is only nominal, it will be higher after a charge and during charge.

Also the Vin pin needs to see more than 7V to get the UNO to work properly, Vin is connected to a linear 5V internal regulator, under 7V and you will not get a regulated 5V for the controller.

A DC to DC converter giving 5V output and connected to the 5V pin of the UNO would work better.
It will need to be able to use the 4.8V input.

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Thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile:

So like one of those?

Would I still keep the capacitor?