PortentaH7 Pin layout

If I wanted data from my Nano sense BLE to be sent to the Portenta7 I know I could use IC2, UArt, or SPI protocols. Since the Nano sense BLE has headers would I have to solder headers on the Portenta7 to make a physical connection for these protocols to work? Or is there another way to make these two boards receive and send data without soldering?

Both boards have BLE radios, so it is possible to do wireless communication between them.

I don't want to use BLE.. Would I have to solder a header to the PortentaH7? Is there more options?

The Portenta H7 will plug right into the Portenta Breakout via its high density connectors, without any need for soldering headers to the Portenta H7:

However, you will need to solder headers on the Portenta Breakout.

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