position control of 5 stepper motors

hello guys, i need advice about hardware and programming approach for position control of 5 stepper motors . i am student of mechanical and have no experience of using arduino.

You will need a driver between the Arduino and the stepper motors. With that many stepper motors to deal with, I suggest you look for dedicated stepper motor controllers rather than general purpose motor drivers.

can you specify any dedicated controller for this purpose ? that would be extremely helpful.

What voltage and peak current do you need to drive each stepper motor?

You can use a Mega and a RAMPS 1.3 or 1.4 board for five stepper interfaces. The drivers that go with it support up to 40V / 2A steppers. If you want to control the stepper movements using Gcode then GRBL will do that for you.


4.5 V, 1.4 A

noob123: 4.5 V, 1.4 A

With a stepper motor the current is the important thing. A proper stepper motor driver board will allow you to adjust the max current to suit your motor and then you can use a high voltage power supply to allow the motor to deliver full torque at higher speeds.