Possible to do with Arduino?

Hi everybody,

I hope this is the correct place for asking my question. I have a sliding door in my office and it’s controller damaged because of liquid contact. All other components as dc motor, microwave motion sensors, photocells, rail guides etc are working. It’s mean big part of hardware construction already operational. Than i decided to fix this sliding door by myself as a hobby. I checked internet to how can i make this controller in easiest way and it seems i can do that with arduino. Before beginning the Project, i would like to be sure as arduino exactly matching with my needs or not.

So that i want to tell my purpose here and if somebody can tell me as “yes this Project can be done by arduino”, and than i will start.

My purpose as below;

POWER – ON (as learning mode)

  • Power up,

  • Radars, photocells, encoder passive but Current sensor (as ACS712) is active.

  • DC motor starts very slowly rotate to door opening direction (for example CW).

  • When the door reach to the end, Current of the motor will increase and stops.

  • This position is Door_Open position and encoder must accept here as zero pulse position.

  • Than motor starts to rotate opposite direction (CCW) very slowly and encoder starts counting the pulses.

  • When the door fully closed, Motor stops again because of current sensor and total pulse value found (for example 2000 pulses)
    SELF-TEST (running test of the system)

  • Motor starts rotate to door open (CW) direction up to %50 pulse value of encoder and goes slow down and stop when reach to the 0 (zero).

  • Wait in this position as 3-4 seconds (as count down). Radars and photocells became active too.

  • At the end of the count down, motor starts to rotate CCW direction fastly up to 1000 pulses and goes slow down and stop when reach to the 2000 pulses.

  • System is ready and wait for radars get a signal.


  • Radar sense an approaching object,
  • If the door’s position OPEN (encoder pulse=0) wait for the object get out of the range and start count down.
  • If the radar sense the object at the any other position of the door closing (encoder pulse >0) run door opening procedure.
  • The door is open and after count down run the motor to door closing direction.
  • If photocells sens an object, run the motor to door open condition. Don’t start count down until photocells get passive.
  • Object moved in front of the photocell than start count down. If an other object comes in front of the photocell, reset count down and wait until object moved away. Than start countdown.
  • At the end of count down run the motor to door closing procedure.
  • If an object which couldn’t sense by photocell as a back pack or suitcase, when the motor hit the object ACS712 will sense the increased current and system will do same photocell procedure.

This is the Project what i want to do. But when i checked similar projects, most of them use small dc motors and not matching with my construction.

I don’t have any experience with arduino before. And it would be hard for learning something over 40 years old.

If somebody can advice something to this Project, i really want to begin it with your helps.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @coolimage
Automatic doors can be a very big problem if they hurt people.
As you have no experience in assemblies, I recommend not making any modifications.
Hire a qualified professional.

easy peasy. you need doc sheets on all peripherals in order to decide which arduino board to use. Then write a program to bind it all together.

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