Potentiometer Problem

So I've been trying to make potentiometers work properly and I never could

So basically I wire a potentiometer to A0 on an Arduino Uno and I go into the Arduino IDE to and i write a sketch that display's the potentiometer's value

void loop() { 
 RV = analogRead(Pot);

I upload the program to the Arduino and the Serial Monitor spits out Random values without me adjusting the potentiometer

This isn't the first Time this has happened
I don't think the error is in the Code but in the pot itself?

Is that the whole sketch? Did you define Pot as A0? Is the pot connected to +5V and Arduino-ground?

See [u]Analog Read Serial[/u].

It would help to know the value of the potentiometer.
It would help to see the schematic.
It would help to see a photograph of the wiring.
It would help to see the complete sketch.
It would help to know whether the blink sketch or other sketches work.

How random? If it’s within a small amount of variation a capacitor could help. For the analog pin and power supply. That will smooth the AREF and signal to the ADC

"Totally random" means you forgot to connect the other two pins on the pot. They are not decorations.

Show us a ‘good’ schematic & image of your wiring circuit.
Posting images: