Power supply

Hey guys. I'm looking into building my own power supply. I need a 5vdc 15-20amp capacity. Any suggestions, schematics, diagrams, ideas, or help out there? I don't know where to look...

Computer psu ?

Don't even think about trying to build a 20A switch mode power supply, it is a specialist skill. If you have to ask you can't do it.

There are plenty of low price ones on eBay.

Well I'm building an RGB LED Cube. And my diagram calls for a minimum of 15 amps power supply. I know I could get one off eBay or anywhere for like $60-$80. But just thought I could gain some knowledge off of building one myself.

Find an old computer PSU, take the cover off and look inside.

Then reconsider.

Why not just USE a PC power supply? You can pick one of those up for around $25. Most of those are good for at least 30A on the 5V rail.

If you do find a good 15A power supply, can you let us know on this thread? I have also been looking for a decently priced, small size DC-DC switching converter for 12V input, 5V/15A output. I had to settle on one from pololu.com that can go up to 9A, but still looking.