Power wheel esc setup using uno and 2x60 sabertooth

This is what I have to start questions are I havent been able to find any info on how to connect the power/throttle pedal/forward reverse or so any code?I kno the 2x60 is a bit much for a couple 550 motors but their getting upgraded to 775 in future maybe bigger;p anything for my baby girl.thank you all for the help if any one can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate

This is the original rc control for her little barbie jeep that fried was hoping to repair it but this sounds funner and could help me learn some new things

I'm proly onna desolder some peices to reuse after testing

Are You joking?
Please read the first topics how to use this forum, how to get the best from this forum.

will do thank you kind sir

ok read the how to for the forum, yes spent half hour researching youtube and this forum,everything ive seen is somebody using powerwheel motors in their rover ect. I am a beginner to coding not electrical work though, I have a elegoo arduino uno r3,sabertooth 2x60 motor controller,and a pink best choice jeep power wheels,and eventually some ultrasonic sensor for object detection, I know from reading its pretty much setting up everything to talk to each other,most will read 0 to 5v? but i doubt il use anyones advice becuase your all so welcoming:) Are you Joking!!!!!woulda been fine without that part..but w.e. some people need to do something living in their moms basement hahaha

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