Powerbank auto power off with arduino


I bought a Tecknet Powerbank 9000mAh in order to power my arduino Leonardo that I will use to record values on a scooter.

My problem is that a “powerbank” is mainly designed to charge a cellular phone and will detect when the phone is disconnected. The arduino draws very little current, so the powerbank auto shut off 30 seconds after powering.

I found this article on internet :

The guy who wrote the article have a R100 (0.1 ohm) resistor (current sensor) and replaced it with a 10 Ohms.

In mine, I found a big R050 resistor (0,05 ohms ?) near the 1A output plug. I replaced it with 6 ohms, 10, 20 and 30 ohms resistors, but nothing works, it still power off.

Here are two pictures of the powerbank. The resistor is near the usb port, just near the pen/sensor.

Does anybody have an idea for solving this problem ?

Thank you very much !

Use the batteries with a separate DC-DC converter and ditch the rest of the powerbank?


Thanks for your answer

I was thinking about that, but those 3 batteries are 1.5 V each. So, I don’t have enough Volts to put on the arduino ? I think there is something on the circuit that convert the voltage to an higher value…

Correct, you need to attach the batteries to this: step-up convertor with 5 volt USB output

Do not step up to 7 to 9 volts and apply to the dc power jack, that will waste battery energy. You want a +5 volt output that goes into the USB input for maximum efficiency.


Thanks for your answers, it helps a lot !

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Old post, but maybe helps someone else. Probably your point wrong resistor. The correct one must be the R100 in the first picture next to the battery B- connection.

If the power bank switch off by low load you must change this resistor with a bigger one. As understand this resistor is in series with the load and the processor translate the drop of voltage in this resistor to load current. I read in some posts to change this resistor with 10Ω resistor. I believe this can work with very low loads (big load resistance) but if by mistake use your power bank to charge a phone or other big load the resistor will blow off. The best approach is to find the lower resistor keeps the power bank alive. Remember smd R100= 0.1Ω. I try to power up an andruino mini with xiomi 10000 mA power bank and 1Ω resistor keeps the power bank alive.