Powered Arduino Nano with 3.7v LiPo

Can i powered Arduino Nano with 3.7v LiPo battery ?

Or do i need to use "step-up" converter to boost 3.7v to 5v?

Battery input will be soldered at 5v pin.

My project include:

  1. Nano
  2. BH1750 sensor
  3. Few tactile buttons
  4. Spi Oled 128x64

I would recommend at boost converter. You can get yourself a MT3608 which can boost up to 28V, so you will need to adjust it. Or, you can get a dedicated converter that will only boost up to 5V.

If the Nano is a 16MHz board, it will not run reliably at 3.7V. If you bootload it for 8MHz it can run on 3.7V.

Thanks for the reply, so 5v step up is the answer

Yes, it is

If you want to run at 16MHz, yes.

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