Powering Arduino Uno and LED light strip off one power supply?

Hello everyone,

I'm in the process of making a homemade LED scoreboard that wirelessly connects to a ping pong table that can change the score. I'm trying to keep the amount of wires and plugs to a bare minimum, so I was wondering what sort of component would be able to take either mains power or power from a relatively high current output (needed for the 50+ LED strip) power supply and output to two separate voltages (9-12 V for the Arduino and 6 V for the LEDS). Would anyone have any suggestions? If all else fails, I'll just have to have two separate power supplies plugged in underneath the scoreboard.



Six volts is always awkward. If the LEDs would run on 5 volts you could also power the Arduino from that.

How much current do you need for the LEDs?


To be on the safe side I'll need about 4-5 amps.

If a 5amp and 5volt power supply is not suitable for the LEDs (i.e. you really do need 6volts) then two power supplies may be the simplest solution.

You mention a scoreboard so I wonder if it really only needs to work for a few hours. If so you could power an Uno from a pack of 3 AA cells (4.5volts) connected directly to the 5v pin.