Powering ESP8266 with 2x AA batteries.

Hi all!,
I’m triyng to power an ESP8266 board with 2x AA betteries, but I cant do it work.
I tried HT7750, and also the MT3608. It works whitout load, but when connect the board tha voltage drops.
Anyone knows the trick?

(Circuit example HT7750 attached)

I need 5v because some other parts need that voltage. The sketch on the ESP8266 disconnet the wifi on the firsts lines. The circuit consums about 35mA. Maybe the first peak, when ESP8266 starts is the problem?

What are HT7750 and MT3608?

Make a simple pencil drawing showing how you have everything connected and post a photo of the drawing. See this Simple Image Guide

When you say "consumes 35mA" is that the current that flows from the 2 x AA cells?

Are they alkaline cells or NiMh rechargeable cells?


DC-DC boost voltage chips.

DC-DC boost voltage chips.

Why have you only answered one of my questions?

And links to the datasheets for the voltage boosters would be a big help.

Wouldn't it be simpler to power the thing from 3 x AA alkaline cells (4.5v) and use a 3.3v regulator to drop the voltage for the ESP8266?


Sorry, I didn't see the second part of your reply.

35mA is the board consum, after disconnect wifi.
I'm using NiMh ones.

Yes, the 3xAA with the 3.3v regulator is a good option, I tewsted and works Ok, but I want 2x in order to reduce the devices weight.

but when connect the board tha voltage drops.

Thats not a lot for us to go on, is it ?

You would expect the voltge to fall when a load is connected, whats really important is how much did the voltage fall ?

And if you were to use AA Alkalines, remember that they will be down to around 1.2V each when they are halfway through their life, so plan for that voltage, and not the 1.5v they are when new.