powering solenoids with sparkfun power drivers

Hi Arduino world,

I am working solo on a project, and would really like to have someone confirm my schematic before I buy the parts. I have studied the datasheets for everything, so I think this setup should work. I'd really appreciate any comments on this basic layout. I should note that I don't need to do any PWM switching on the solenoids.

Here's what I'm trying to do:
-control 12 solenoids (12v 10w push) from the arduino for use as a percussion instrument. The solenoids should actuate quickly off-on-off to get a nice percussive sound. Each solenoid will only be actuated once every 5 seconds maximum.

Here's my proposed schematic to do this:
-Arduino using its 12 digital outputs
-2 sparkfun power driver shields (each has 6 inputs) ( SparkFun Power Driver Shield Kit - DEV-10618 - SparkFun Electronics )
-1 12-volt power source powering the power driver shileds
-12 solenoids (12v 10w push) powered by the sparkfun shields (6 solenoids per shield)

Here is my schematic image:

Any comments appreciated!

If you only ever push one solenoid at a time, a 12V 1A power supply might be sufficient. However, if you need to power multiples, you will want a much beefier power supply. I'd go for a 12V 10A supply (120 Watts) to make sure that it won't croak when you pull many of them at a time.
Other than that, your diagram looks like it should work.

Extremely helpful, thank you!

I'm working on a similar project and I wonder, whether these SprakFun Power Drivers worked for your ?

thank you