Powering water pump

I’m really a beginner in electronics and Arduino world, but enjoying it a lot!
One project I’m thinking about is building a watering system for my plants, I have some questions about the easiest and safest way to connect the water pump and power to it.

I just ordered one of these http://www.amazon.com/Magicfly-DC30A-1230-Brushless-Waterproof-Submersible/dp/B009X6ADCM.

Ie a DC30A-1230 12V DC 2 Phase CPU Cooling Car Brushless Water Pump Waterproof.

I have a 12vDC 1A AC/DC adapter at home, and also a Songle 05VDC Relay, I attached pictures of these two units here.

My question is, would it be possible to use these two things to control the pump from the Arduino, it wire up the pump with the DC output from the AC/DC adapter via the relay? Any suggestions is appreciated.

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The pump draws up to 350mA at 12V so the plugpack would work.
An Arduino Uno would work with 12V in to the barrel connector, though there will be some heat in the regulator. It should be ok as long as you are only using minimal power for outputs. The relay should be ok.


Thanks for the reply

I were a bit worried about that the output from the plug pack were 1A and that the pumps needs 350mA.

But I guess the output just gives what the pump requires? So in theory I could just wire up the plug pack directly to the pump and it would run at it's correct speed?

Just want to make sure so I don't burn anything ;)


The power supply specifications is what the thing CAN supply, not what it pushes out at all times. The current depends on what the load requires.

The Arduino needs some current to run. The pump requires up to 350mA. The draw from the power supply is the sum of the two.


magnusv: But I guess the output just gives what the pump requires?

Do you ask that question whenever you plug in your vacuum cleaner to a circuit which connects to a multi-megawatt power grid? :)