pressure sensor calibration px26

Hi, im trying to calibrate a pressure sensor. Trying to relate the voltage output to a pressure applied. the sensor im trying to use is px26 001DV, differential pressure sensor. Any thoughts about this procedure.

You can fill a (transparent) hose with water, to get about 0.1 bar per meter water head. Attach the sensor to one end, and move the open end of the hose straight up or aside, to vary the pressure.

You can leave air in the last piece of the hose, if you don't want to get the sensor wet. Make it form an "U", with the sensor on the top of one end. Then vary and measure the distance (overshoot) between the high and low water head on both sides of the U. Leave enough air in the hose, it will be compressed!

I hope that I got the right English terms...

Hi, Yes, make a manometer. Google it.

Tom..... :)