pressure sensor

anyone know how to using arduino by using pressure sensor MPX5050gp and it circuit diagram? please help me....... :(

Looks like you will need to use analogread() to measure the voltage output from the sensor ... .2 - 4.5v = 0 - 50 kpa = 0 - 1023

First you do a google search and you get a link like this...

Then use a program like this as a starting point.,56524.0.html

If you don't like that program do a search on this forum for yourself. There are LOTS of examples on how to read the analog ports.

Check the examples that came with the the Version 022 compiler. If you don't yet have the compiler -- get it from the download section. have to write your own code. ]:)

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source code using MPX 5050GP for blood pressure digital?