Previously Printed Characters Disappear in Serial Monito


I use Arduino Due, software version 1.8.13 and 250000 baud. I print some data using “Serial Monitor” and serial.print function. However, as the data on the window (COM4 in my case) grows, the beginning of the data disappears after some point. To give an example, I can print roughly 120000 characters per line and can repeat this for roughly 35 lines. After this, the first line disappears and I continue to see what is being printed at that moment but not the old characters. My goal is to print and have all 250 lines from the beginning of serial communication to the end. However, I can only get the last 35 and the first 215 is lost.

Is there a limit of characters in Serial Monitor?
How can I have all the characters that are printed from the beginning to the end of the program? Is there a way to change the settings?
If not with Arduino Serial Monitor, is there an alternative solution?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,