Pro-Micro Not recognized in Windows XP

Is there a driver for a Pro-Micro Arduino for Win XP?How to Build DIY Arduino USB Expression Pedal for Efektor WF3607 | Kuassa

I’m trying to run one as a MIDI controller using this code taken from here

#include "MIDIUSB.h"
// Expression pedal pin
#define expPin A0
// Switch 3PDT pin
#define switchPin 9

int sensorValue = 0;
int lastVal = 0;
int tempAnalog = 0;
int switchVal = HIGH;

void setup() {
  pinMode(switchPin, INPUT);

void controlChange(byte channel, byte control, byte value) {
   midiEventPacket_t event = {0x0B, 0xB0 | channel, control, value};

void loop() {
  // Reinit Analog Value
  sensorValue = 0;

  // Read analog value
  tempAnalog = analogRead(expPin);
  // Convert 10 bit to 7 bit
  tempAnalog = map(tempAnalog, 0, 1023, 0, 127);
  tempAnalog = constrain(tempAnalog, 0, 127);

  // Read digital input (Switch)
  int readSwitch = digitalRead(switchPin);
  // Send switch status
  if(switchVal != readSwitch){
    switchVal =  readSwitch;
    // Off (0 - 63), On (64 - 127)
    // CC 80   (Our default value for switch 3PDT is using 
    //          MIDI control change number 80
    //          Change this to change control the change number)
    if(switchVal == HIGH){
      controlChange(1, 80, 127);
      controlChange(1, 80, 0);

  // Send pedal status
  if(tempAnalog != lastVal)
    // CC 11   (Our default value for expression pedal is using 
    //          MIDI control change number 11
    //          Change this to change control the change number)
    controlChange(1, 11, tempAnalog);
    // !Important, Flush after send

  // Store current value to be used laters
  lastVal = tempAnalog;

I also have the ability to use it in Linux (I believe it works without a driver) and for some reason it does nothing. I have pin 9 hard wired HIGH and am changing the value of Analog Pin 0.

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It certainly sounds like you are stuck in a loop with the drivers.

First off is it a clone or an original ? BTW we dont really care which but it may be important ! I have seen clone Chinese nanos advertised as pro micros and vice versa.

Rather than just keep trying other drivers try rolling back the drivers (under windows that is a good option) until you get back to the original driver. (other OS may have similar options)

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Got it figured out! It turned out that the driver was in the IDE (boards). I didn’t have the Arduino IDE installed on the XP machine. I did that and it now recognizes the Pro Micro.

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