Pro Mini + PNP Mosfet + Com-Cathode RGB Strip


I want to use a Pro-Mini, PNP mosfet to drive a 5M RGB strip(common-cathode).

Is it correct in this wiring?


To do high-side switching at 12V you need to shift the logic signal from 5V to 12V first,
then it can drive the p-channel MOSFET gate. Typically you would use a small-signal NPN
transistor to do the level shifting, or for high power systems a MOSFET driver chip. The
gate of a p-channel MOSFET needs to be brought right up to the source voltage to
switch it fully off, if the source was at 12V and the gate at 5V it would be partially on,
and getting hot quickly.

This is the sort of circuit used:
(only its not a motor as the load, which would require a freewheel diode anyway)

PNP is nothing to do with MOSFETs BTW, MOSFETs are p-channel or n-channel. Bipolar
junction transistors are NPN or PNP and are current-driven, MOSFETs are voltage driven.

Like Mark said, you can't use it that way.

And a random Fritzing image like that does not say a lot. It does not show the pinout of the MOSFET. Better to use a real schematic (which you can make with Fritzing as well).

And btw, where on earth did you buy a common cathode led strip?! Like 99% are common anode which is way easier to drive. You have to go to some effort to get a common cathode strip...