Problem camera OV7670(shredded images)


i’m an undergraduate electronic engineer and i´m new to arduino.
I have an Arduino UNO and a camera module OV7670(I´v bought it from Aliexpress, “new” from package) without FIFO for an personal project about taking images of samples in a microscope.

I´v wired my circuit like in this image provide by a tutorial(click here if you want to see it) about how to install it.

The same with the code provided by the tutorial
However, i´m having troubles when I receive the images from the camera module. Looks terrible. Even changing some parameters in the code when I research about my problem(Changing the values of wReg(0x11, changed from 9 to 13) but I have not good results.
There is the image i have been obtaining from the camera:

The photo was taken with the lens covered so that it produced a “black screen” but as you can see, those mysterious lines appear.

here´s a portion of the code i was changing, this is the best I have obtained.

void setup() {
//some stuff
  wrReg(0x11, 13); //Code I have been changing to see what happens.

I don´t have nothing connected except the arduino and the camera module.
It is something wrong with the schematic or the code? I changed the code from 2 o 3 tutorials and is the same result.

I would appreciate your help in this problem. Thanks

From_ComputerNerd.ino (23.4 KB)