Problem in esp32

I have a problem in aploading code in esp32 and it show me time out error
I studied many webpage about this problem some page said that perss boot key when uploading and another page said use 10 micro fard capicator for solve this problem and anothers said use another usb cable and etc, but none which this solutions not perfom sucsessfully

I dont know how i can slove this errors
Any one know where is problem in esp32(wemos lolin32)

Did You set up the proper controller in the IDE?
Clicking Tools + Port. What does that tell?

I install and set port and another setings
I just sucssed two times for upload code but after that , it show error time out

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What's Your native language? I ask because unknown characters in the end of Your reply.

Make sure that the board is connected to the window You use. When disconnecting and connecting check the TOOL/port for board being present.
Sometimes I run several boards and several IDE windows and thinks don't work. However I can't remember I've got "time out".

My language is persia
When connecct the wemos lolin32 , IDE show connect esp and show that port connect it

در تاریخ شنبه ۹ اکتبر ۲۰۲۱،‏ ۲۲:۰۹ Railroader via Arduino Forum <> نوشت:

I have a LOLIN D32.
It does not have a "boot" button, and I had these troubles in the past. I have even added a "boot" button myself. But today it is working normally.

Do you have Windows 10 or Windows 11, and updated it ?
Do you have the latest version of the Arduino IDE, and the updated "boards" and "libraries" ?

How do you add boot key?
My esp dont have boot key , it has just reset key.
I test on windows 7 ,8 and 10
What library?
I use last IDE.
I use esp32 board , i sucsessed two times upload code on it but after of it , permenetly show time out error

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I'm using linux myself, but in Windows 11 then I use 1.8.16 from the *.exe or *.zip file (not the app from the Store).

Go to the "Board Manager", menu: Tools / Boards / Boards Manager
Select "Updateble" and update them.
Go to the "Libraries Manager", menu: Tools / Manage Libraries
Select "Updateble" and update them.

I have forgotten how I used the extra "Boot" button. I think the "Boot" button can be a button between Pin 0 and GND. Release the button in time (but I don't know at what time).
I wrote a note somewhere that "40MHz" and "230400 baud" seems to work best.

Do you have this esp model?

No problem.

@ Koepel looks like knowing. Good!

Excusme my english is not so good. I hope to understand my means

It's working okey. Keep on.

I have a "LOLIN D32":

Sadly, I can't find it at the moment. I found two hands full of Arduino boards, but not my LOLIN. Sorry that I can't be of much help.

Now my esp show invalid packet error
What is this error?

Any more info than "error"? No idea for now.

Take a look at Installing ESP32 in Arduino IDE (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) | Random Nerd Tutorials

I did all like this instruction but it show an error , invalid packet error

Install the latest IDE version 1.8.16 and retry the steps suggested.

Post a pic of your wiring and post your code. Using the wrong pins or commanding the wrong pins to operate at the wrong time can cause program load issues.

Such as putting a GPS Tx pin on GPIO_NUM_13 during program load or putting 5V onto GPIO_NUM_6.

I succsess upload code on esp and when open serial monitor show me results
But i want upload again my code but now it show me error v3.0-dev
Serial port COM6

A fatal error occurred:failed to connect to esp32:time out waiting for packet header