Problem interfacing Arduino + TI TLC59116F +ITS42008-SB-D

Hello, I got my very first Arduino UNO and as a beginner project I want to build an animated epoxy LED sign.

OK so to make it short, I managed to interface the Arduino to TI´s 16 channel TLC59116 (Constant current driver) and TLC59116f (Open Drain driver). I somewhat have the code running 10 animations and still have more to do...

I want to use one channel per letter, which are about 12cm x 10cm x 2 cm each have about 10 - 20 LED´s inside maybe more , The TLC59116´s can drive Max 120mA per channel but had overheating problems over 60mA; So I thought of using Infeneon´s ITS42008-SB-D Mosfet array since they where giving away free samples, have small footprints, various protections built in (ex. OVP, OCP, OLP,thermal ) and diagnostics capabilities and can handle loads of 700mA (all channels active)and also they can be configurable with CMOS or VS/2 inputs .

The problem is the TLC59116´s are either constant current or open drain outputs and I understand I can´t drive Mosfets directly TI´s support forums suggest using just a pull up resistor like so :

And this might be fine for a regular mosfet, but the ITS42008 does not respond! :~ .

According to Infeneon I should treat it like a regular FET and

For calculation of the value of pullups you can use the values of Off and on state input current of input pins

Sooo! can anyone tell me how to calculate this pullup resistor for the ITS42008???

I will appreciate any help or suggestions in solving this problem!

Thank You1
Abel Martinez

:stuck_out_tongue: I just noticed In the image above FETs are P channel !!!!

so much for the great Arduino support forums !! :frowning: