Problem posting code!

I can’t post my code looking for help because I’m exceeding the character limit! What can I do? Thanks, Goatboy

You could put your code on a web site and just post the link. Or you could break it up into two or more posts.

Better still, still try and produce a smaller programme that illustrates your problem, you might find in trying to do that you actually solve your problem for your self. If not others can more easy analyse a small program than a big one.

Thanks Grumpy Mike! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m a bit worried about people posting code somewhere other than in these forums or in the playground wiki. At the moment you can very usefully search on Google using “ your keywords” and find previous discussion threads or wiki articles. If the info starts fragmenting then we’ll lose a valuable resource. This goes for starting up alternative code repositories as well - I’d be much happier if the facilities were used and improved instead.


As long as people say for instance:

LCD Code here: <pastebin_url>

A google search like

LCD code

Will yield a hit on that post, even though the code lies somwhere else.

I think this will cause no problems.