problem with Hyundai HG12603 24x8 display


I bought a 24x8 LCD display and I read the documents available:

but I can't get it to switch to command mode.
I use the syntax: serial.print(0x5C,HEX); which should set the LCD into command mode, but it just prints "5C".
Is the syntax right to transmit bytes to the LCD driver like that?
Thanks a lot for your help!


Try serial.write(0x5C);

Problem solved!

Thanks a lot!


by the way,

what is the difference between:
Serial.print() and Serial.write() functions?


From what I can gather from the Arduino reference area Serial.Print() assumes that a printer (or terminal) is connected to the serial port. It therefore converts the number that you are 'printing' to the ASCII codes that represent that number. On the other hand Serial.Write() assumes that another computer type device is connected to the serial port so it does not do any converting but just outputs the unaltered binary data.


Thanks for the info!

it seems logical, and it woks like that.