problem with KS0108-192x64 and u8g2.lib

Hello every body.
I use a 192x64 GLCD with four KS0108 chip and u8g2 library .
the pins of my GLCD is ;

1-8 DB7 - DB0
9 Enable
10 R/W —> Set to GND according to the library
11 RS (dc)
12 Vo —> cnnect via 10 Kohm to the pin 17 Vout
13 VDD
14 VSS
15 CS1
16 CS0
18 Reset
19 BLA
20 BLK

I upload U8g2Logo example from library and see picture 1.
I setup the glcd according below :

U8G2_KS0108_ERM19264_1 u8g2(U8G2_R0, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, /*enable=*/ 5, /*dc=*/ 3, /*cs0=*/ A1, /*cs1=*/ A0, /*cs2=*/ U8X8_PIN_NONE, /* reset=*/  U8X8_PIN_NONE);  // Set R/W to low!

because my GLCD has no CS2 pin , i use “U8X8_PIN_NONE” for CS2.

when i change the code , and want to draw a box to fill all pixel i see picture 2. that seem one of the chips , not select to receive the code (Excuse me for my bad English writing ). How i fix it.

thanks for your advise .

Any solution ???

Try connecting ""RESET" as if it was CS2.

Any 3-chip KS0108 module must have 3 chip select pins: CS0, CS1, CS2.

The only candidates are 10, 18, 19. 18 is most likely.

You have used U8G2_KS0108_ERM19264_1 as a constructor. The ERM19264 has three different KS0108 controller (I do not know why a 192x64 display should have four of them). Each display vendor has different ways to select the correct KS0108 controller. And also the sequence might differ. I mean, if you dont use exactly the same ERM19264 display, then it will probably fail. In fact, I wonder that the results are already that good.

Solution: We need the datasheet of your display to know exactly which KS0108 is selected in which way. Create an issue on the u8g2 githup page for this, provide this datasheet (or link to the same) and request a new (specific) constructor for your display.


You have utilized U8G2_KS0108_ERM19264_1 as a constructor. The ERM19264 has three diverse KS0108 controller (I don't know why a 192x64 presentation ought to have four of them). Each presentation merchant has diverse approaches to choose the right KS0108 controller. And furthermore the succession may vary. That is to say, on the off chance that you dont use precisely the equivalent ERM19264 show, it will most likely come up short. Indeed, I ponder that the outcomes are now that great.

Arrangement: We require the datasheet of your showcase to know precisely which KS0108 is chosen in which way. Make an issue on the u8g2 githup page for this, give this datasheet (or connection to the equivalent) and demand another (explicit) constructor for your showcase.

Thanks david, Oliver and insaha . I will do that.

Some KS0108 192x64 displays have 3 controller chips but use a BCD encoded chip select. IE: CS0 and CS1 are set to 0,0, 0,1, or 1.0 for the three different controllers, and 1,1 for NONE. I have one like that. How do I set that up?

His display probably has only 3 controllers, but he is counting the number of chip blobs on the PCB. There are OTHER chips besides the 'controllers'