Problem with Module nRF24L01+ and MEGA

Hi, to all.
First of all, I apologize for my English.
Secondly, I am a new user, so stuck in this situation.
I have two Arduino, one of UNO and other MEGA.
I'm trying to connect them with a 2 wireless module, nRF24L01+.
The aim of my project is, on one side Arduino-MEGA, connected as Transmitter to change with potentiometer,
While the other side Arduino-UNO connected servo motor, to operate by modifying the potentiometer.
I read the following great link,
And it says that it is advisable to "Connect a 10 uF capacitor from Vcc to Gnd".
And wanted to use "A separate 3.3V power supply".
After I did this, I got a problem though.
The motor spins shift only after I press reset, in Arduino-MEGA, and again until I press again the reset.
I am using SPI, and RF24 libraries, and the connection pins are as in this site,
After I didn't get the connection as in site
Is it a problem because I use with UNO and mega?
There is a solution to this problem?
Thanks a lot for Helping.

The 3V3 supply bypassing is not very good on either the Uno or Mega boards as on both boards there is ONE 1uF bypass capacitor installed on the 3V3 output of the LP2985 3V3 linear, C13 in the Mega and C3 on the UNO.
I recommend 100 to 220 uF and I also recommend it be installed on the connector pins on the radio as this will tend to eliminate any effects caused by long wires. The wires to the radio should be as short as possible and both radio's if at all possible should be clear of any other obstructions and oriented in the same direction, This is for maximum distance of transmissions..
This has always worked best for me..


OK, Thanks for your answer.
I will try your recommended.
The modules are close in the same table, abut 10 cm distance, and one computer with different COM.

Thanks again.

Doc you are grand.
I use 100uF and it is work great.
Thanks, thanks a lot.

just a quick one, is the capacitor an electrolytic or can you use ceramic?


I use the electrolytic one.

just a quick one, is the capacitor an electrolytic or can you use ceramic?

As a general rule there is a crossover between ceramic and electrolytic/tantalum at 1uF. You can get ceramic caps of 1uF and bigger but they only seem to be in surface mount packages.