Problem with Pure Data and Arduino

Dear all!
My problem is:
Ive selected the port, when I create an "arduino" object in pure data and right click for help and open the sample of DIGITAL OUTPUT everything works inside, but when I try to rewrite the same patch the board doesnt respond. Even when i jsut copy paste the entire patch into a new window it doesnt respond... Please could anyone help?
sorry for such a basic trouble.

Could you clarify this better?

Are you talking about opening sketches in the IDE?

Sketch = code to be uploaded to the Arduino
IDE = PC/MAC based programing environment for the Arduino.

The Arduino won't do anything until you verify, compile, and upload the sketch to the Arduino.

Have you been threw the getting started section of the home page?

i am trying to sync my arduino board with pure data
at first i opened adruino software and uploaded the SimpleDigitalFirmata to my arduino board.
then i installed all the pd objects to my pd library.
i created an arduino object in pure data(which means that all files are on their place)
i just wanted to try out the digital outputs on my arduino board
in order to do so i right clicked the arduino object in my pure data
and clicked HELP
it opened a window where i select the serial port etc
at the bottom of this page there is a couple of sample patches
such as

I clicked pd DIGITAL OUPUT
it opens a window with toggle buttons for each of the 13 pins we have on the arduino, each toggle switched on and off the corresponding pins
when i click these toggle buttons inside this sample patch, my arduino board responds normally,
but when i try to rewrite this patch in a new window either rewriting all the objects or just by copying and pasting the sample patch, the arduino board doesnt respond
seems like it doesnt route correctly when i create "send $0-arduino" object
i do not know what is the problem
as if i create "ARDUINO" object and attach different messages(select port, device, firmata version ets) the board seems to respond
but with this sending and receiving it doenst

i tried my best to explain i hope you will understand

looking forward for your help

thank you

please help!!!!