problem with SPI wifi shield

Hi, I am using the following arduino wifi shield :

I am trying to make it work with an Arduino Mega 2560. I don't want to use the 2x3 SPI header to connect , I want to use the pins 13/12/11/10. I solded the open jumpers between the spi pins and pins 13/12/11 and cut the jumpers from the 2x3 SPI header. I stacked the shield over an Arduino Uno and everything seemed to work perfectly fine ( I was able to run the wifi web client example and connect to my phone's hotspot).

On the arduino mega however, the SPI pins are 50,51,52,53. So i naturally stacked the wifi shield over the arduino Mega ( without connecting pins 13-10 to the board's 13-10 pins, after which i used wires to connect pisn 13-10 of the shield to pins 50-53 of the mega (not in this particular order, I did it the right way). Anyway it doesn't seem to work. I get the "wifi shield not connected" error. I think my way of thinking is correct because I was able to connect an lcd shield the same way to the mega.

I think I am missing something. Perhaps I need to DEFINE the new spi pins ? where do I do that . I couldn't find a place inside the wifi 101 libraries. or maybe I need to define them in the code ? Please help