Problem with wi-fi extender

I need to connect an Arduino Ethernet Shild to be placed in a site where I don't have a phisical internet connection.
Previously I used a wi-fi extender (Aigital WN532N2) with also a LAN port available but now it is not working anymore (probably it has been damaged because of a lightning).
I bought another extender, apparently the same model, but unfortunately the LAN port is not available (maybe they changed the firmware in the meantime).
Does anybody know what sort of wi-fi extender could I buy instead?
I also tried to use power lines but they don't work in my house.
Thank you very much.
Best regards


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Please tell us what distances your are having trouble with. My laptops regularly see WIFI from the neighbors 1/4 to 3/4 miles away.


Probably you didn't read my post carefully. In fact this is not an answer to my question.
I have no problem with distance because I don't have to cover more that 4 meters. The problem is that I need a port to connect the Ethernet shield!

The problem is that I need a port to connect the Ethernet shield!

Not sure I understand the problem or why its an Arduino issue ?

Finding such a device is easy enough, try as search on eBay perhaps ?

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