problems in os x 10.4.5

I just got my Arduino in the mail and I am SO EXCITED to jump into the world of physical computing! But first I have to interface with it through my non-physical computer and wouldn’t you know it, this is not so easy.

I read everything I could find on this forum about connecting with Mac OS X and still am not able to solve the problem. Here’s the situation so far:

I have (I think) an Arduino Extreme - the one with TX and RX LEDs, brand new from I can’t find anything like a version number on it but a sticker on the back says 755 if that helps. The power jumper is set for USB and the power light (which is red, not green) turns on when it is connected to a USB port. An LED connected between pin 13 and GND blinks constantly with a period of about half a second.

I am trying to connect the Arduino to a G4 running OS X 10.4.5. I downloaded the Arduino 0003 software from this website and ran the macosx_setup.command file then did a complete power cycle as recommended elsewhere on the forum. I am trying to upload the led_blink example.

When I hit the reset button and tell the Arduino software to upload the LED stops blinking (turns off) for a few seconds, then starts blinking again. The software reports:
[VP 1] Device is not responding correctly.
Prior to running the macosx_setup.command the software would report:
Error inside Serial.()
followed by about a page of spew that I unfortunately didn’t copy down and now cannot reproduce.

I have tried every combination of setting the download rate in the preferences file and the serial monitor baud rate in the program to 9600 and 19200 with both of the serial ports listed in the menu. These are “/dev/tty.modem” and “/dev/cu.modem”. None of the settings made any difference in the output of the program or the blinking of the LED on pin 13.

I am new to USB and serial programming and I am at a loss as to how to proceed. Any suggestions?


is the board showing up in the list of serial ports? it should be called something like /dev/cu.usbserial-3B1

if nothing like that appears it means you haven't installed the drivers.

the USB interface chip that sits on the arduino board needs some drivers installed in order to talk to the computer. the drivers are located in the "drivers" directory inside the arduino directory.


Installed the driver and it works fine. I am dumb.